Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Another man from Bulgaria’s Yakoruda hospitalised over methyl alcohol poisoning

Another man from the town of Yakoruda was hospitalised in district centre Blagoevgrad. He displayed symptoms of methyl alcohol poisoning, Dr Ognyan Mitev, head of the hospital in Blagoevgrad, told Radio FOCUS – Pirin.
In his words, a total of 9 individuals involved in the alcohol poisoning case are at present in the hospital in Blagoevgrad.
4 of them were admitted to the medical establishment on Sunday, December 27.

total of 5 men passed away from December 27 to December 29 after drinking rakia containing methanol.
According to the latest reports, part of the mеn drank the alcoholic beverage during a pig-slaughter ceremony in Yakoruda. The so-called "pig wedding" consists of butchering a pig and rakia drinking.
It transpired Tuesday the court in Blagoevgrad imposed a restraining order of arrest on Tayfi Meklyov requested by the prosecution over a heavy premeditated crime against people’s health. Meklyov had charges pressed over selling 6 litres of methyl alcohol on December 25 and 26, 2015 in Yakoruda.