Friday, 25 December 2015

Mystery event triggers disturbance to Alaska Sea.??

At 9:04am GMT Sudden energy pulses through the Sea were recorded at Station 21415 (LLNR 984.85) - ATTU - 175 NM South of Attu, Alaska.
These Buoys take reading of many sea and atmospheric value on of witch Sea Depths.
Here we see the Buoy flashing on the map indicating a Recent Event.
On the pop up box we can clear see there was an event on the 25th December and that the sea height had shot up to 4740 and had dropped as low as 4680 while the average should be steady at 4717.
Here is a closer look at the Event. We can see the event started shortly after 9am GMT(Greenwich Mean Time).

In most situations where the Sea has been disturbed, it is fairly straight forward in finding a reason why. Most cases these event are caused by larger Earthquakes. In some other cases strong Low Presssure weather fronts. But in this cases no definite reason.

There was a Storm towards Alaska but this storm was positioned much further East to where the Buoy Event happened. Moreover the storm had died off before this Sea Tremor event was recorded.

So i dont have an explanation yet..
If you can explain this please leave a message or contact me on the details below.