Thursday, 31 December 2015

Earthquake Report Summary 31st December 2015.. All normal Except...

"Red Alert" Earthquakes in the Last 30 days = 10 Earthquakes
"Red Alert" Earthquakes in the Last 7 days = 4 Earthquakes

Compared to a longer period of time the number of Red Alert Earthquake for the last 30 days of 10 is actually in the Middle. So this tells us the earth is stable at the moment. When numbers begin to near the 20 mark, this is a time of warning.

The Image above shows the Earthquake reading everyday. The rise during November was caused by Saturn lining up the Sun on its backside. Now the quake numbers seem to be dropping Except the Trend line (black) is predicting that the earthquakes are evening out or moreover rising again.

The Image above shows the Monthly average of Red Alert Earthquakes. What is intriguing about the trend is that the Quakes do not seemed to have fallen down to a minimum Average of around 4-6. They have kept a stronger base line of around  8-12. This is clearly seen when you look at the Graph from months June to December. Is this a sign that The Throne of God is nearing and the Energy is increasing gradually through out all the Heavenly bodies?
Only time will tell of course...

On January 14th Mercury will pass between the Sun and Earth. This will increase the Earthquake by a small margin. see video below for full details.

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