Friday, 29 January 2016



There are many wandering sheep that seem to be confused by the Flat Earth theory. This might sound daft to some people but yes there are some folk that do believe that the Earth is flat. Now i come from a fishing background so it was not long before this is proven wrong to me. My Dad testifying of steaming out to sea for miles in his trawler and the land disappearing. Not only that but this is the purpose of the them very smart Older people (lol) putting lights on top of towers rather than leaving them on the beach. They called these lighthouses. They also realised that the Earth was curved and them building up in strips would counter the earth drop in curve resulting them shining light further.

Here is the first snap shot. This is taken close to the waters tide level. We can see very clearly the first turbine the landing station (yellow) is clear as day. We can see the main platform/entrance at the very top. What looks to be the ladder that the work persons need to access to climb from the boat to the turbines.. The first turbine is 5.7 miles.

The Second Turbine is 7 miles from point of camera. We see the landing platform smaller. but please notice the height of the tip of the rotary blade to the line of horizon.

Th first turbine in the distance is the same as the last turbine on the First image and its distance from point of camera is 9.37 miles. We can see the landing platform must be at least 1/3 maybe even a quarter the height of what it was at the turbine closest to the camera (5.7 miles).

The next turbine at 10.14 miles from camera point has drop so far on the earth curve that the Landing platform is gone from image.

The turbines at 10.91 & 11.68 are of course getting less but with no features we cant compare.

Now the turbine at 12.45 miles has dropped so far down earths curve that the height of the tip of the rotary blade is nearly in-line with the first horizon level (this is better seen on the video so please watch). Compare this rotary height the height of the blade above the sea at turbine at 7 miles. what a difference. and the quality of the video and image makes it un-mistakable.

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Daniel 12:10"Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand"

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Thursday, 28 January 2016


MORE than 800 people were evacuated in the south of Scotland yesterday as stormy weather heightened the risk of flooding in the region.

It was yet another blow to parts of the country which have been battered by gales and heavy rain over the past weeks.
And last night forecasters warned things could get even worse.

The Met Office predicted ice could cause problems overnight and into this morning while predicting the adverse conditions were expected to continue into the weekend.
A yellow “be aware” warning – covering the entire country tomorrow – has been issued for snow, ice, wind and rain.
Six hundred people were ordered to leave their homes in low-lying parts of Hawick, Roxburghshire, around lunchtime yesterday, while 200 children were sent home from the town’s Trinity Primary.
A further 50 properties were evacuated in nearby Jedburgh amid fears that flooding could equal that seen during Storm Desmond at the beginning of December.

Massive sinkhole in Weatherford continues to grow

A sinkhole in downtown Weatherford has now grown to 110 feet long and 60 feet wide.
In today's paper, reporter Andrew Knittle writes about how the city commission has finally reached a settlement with the owners of the land. The sinkhole first appeared in spring 2015.
City Commissioner Warren Goldmann, a longtime local businessman, toldThe Oklahoman on Tuesday city officials cannot yet disclose financial details related to the deal, but he did say the city of Weatherford may become the new owner of the property marred by the massive sinkhole.
“It's been growing,” the commissioner said. “The hole's been growing, elongating. We really don't know at this point how much of the property is undermined."
Goldmann said the sinkhole is now about 110 feet long and 60 feet wide. It's already swallowed up chunks of concrete, light poles and anything else that may have been carried by floodwaters and rain runoff into the opening.


Thursday, 21 January 2016


Big 6.6 puts USGS on "Red Alert" for danger to damage to property or injuries or death to Humans..

In the calm of the Quiet but monsterous all powerful sea a strong ripple tremor (tsunami) felt by the Buoy Alert monitors which are dotted around the World. Not all that common only during big Earthquakes. We are clear with this Sea/Seabed alarm that it was caused by the Earthquake

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Monday, 11 January 2016

A Big Hurricane out in the Atlantic just sitting there..!!

This Hurricane like storm system seems to be just "hanging about"
Is it waiting for some friends??
 You decide..

Friday, 8 January 2016

Rare weather system being monitored by the National Hurricane Center

An extratropical low pressure system is being monitored for tropical development.
The last time developments occurred outside of the normal hurricane season was in 2005. While the occurrence is rare, it's not unheard of. Tropical systems can form at any time during the year.
The system being monitored was centered about 425 miles west-southwest of Bermuda late Thursday afternoon. It is producing a large area of gale force winds and winds of 60 to 65 mph.
Environmental conditions are not expected to be conducive for subtropical or tropical cyclone formation through the weekend while the low moves east-northeastward into the central Atlantic Ocean,” the NHC said. “However, conditions could become conducive for this system to acquire some subtropical characteristics while it moves east-southeastward into the eastern subtropical Atlantic Ocean by the middle of next week.”
According to the NHC, the chances for tropical formation stand at 10 percent for the next 48 hours and 30 percent over the next five days.
The system's path steers it away from the U.S.

Dust storm blows into Israel, causing domestic flight disruptions

Suprised Dust storm mixed with strong winds hit the country late Thursday night, resulting in cancelled flights and possible health problems due to the high levels of air pollution.

Many domestic flights have been cancelled. Arkia Airlines and Israir Airlines both announced around noon that all of their flights would be cancelled for the rest of the day, as the weather did not seem to be improving. Arkia said it would provide buses to Eilat in place of their 14 cancelled flights.

Earlier in the day, the Eilat and Tel Aviv Sde Dov airports were only allowing takeoffs, but not landings, due to the high winds and low visibility.

At various local airports in the North, all flights were cancelled in the morning.

Visibility at Eilat's airport was reported as only 3,000 meters, while at the nearby Ovda airport, there was only 1 kilometer of visibility due to the storm. At Sde Dov Airport, there was a somewhat-better 2 km. of visibility. 

Ben-Gurion International Airport has not been affected by the weather and was operating as normal.

The storm could also prove dangerous for those in weak condition and as such, the Environmental Protection Ministry advised people with heart and lung conditions, children, the elderly and pregnant women to refrain from performing any strenuous physical exertion. 

The ministry said that air pollution levels will remain high until an expected rain storm comes in sometime in the afternoon.

Colima volcano continuing explosive activity..

During our ongoing Volcano Special tour, the volcano continued to produce explosive eruptions of small to moderate size at irregular intervals ranging between 2-8 hours. 
Most explosions were rich in ashes and accompanied by eruption lightning.

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Possible Earthquake watch 9th January Saturn and Venus line up

Saturn and Venus line up on the 9th January possible Increase in Earthquake activity.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

‘Bizarre’ Two-Foot Metal Balls Fall From Space After Noise Of Thunder

Three ‘bizarre objects’ fell from space over Thailand - 100lb, two-foot metal orbs made of a metal alloy.
One fell on remote land in Tuyen Quang Province, and a smaller orb fell on a garden in Yen Bai Province.
One local witness told Thanh Nien ,’The sky was clear, suddenly we heard a thunder-like noise.’
Similar metal orbs have fallen over Australia and Europe in recent years - with a crop of mysterious metal balls found in Spain last year.
The objects weigh about 100lb each - and defence officials say that they are compressed-air tanks from an aircraft or rocket and were probably manufactured in Russia.
Aerospace expert Prof Nguyen Khoa Son says that the objects may come from a satellite - either from a failed launch, or from an old satellite which failed to burn up in Earth’s atmosphere. 

Los Angeles methane gas leak triggers state of emergency

A massive leak of methane gas has now triggered a state of emergency in Los Angeles County.

Environmentalists say the leak, which started last October, has already caused damage equal to burning 700 million gallons of petrol:

Yellowstone Summary Report 7th Jan 2016. Rumblings & Water heating up !

Welcome to this weeks Yellowstone Summary report. In this report i look at the Earthquakes that have happened in the Yellowstone area. I also compare all readings for Discharge of water, Gage heights, Water Temperature and Conductance of the Water. I gather all information from the Data stations and take the Average number to log on a Graph system. 

The Discharge (steam) from Yellowstone seems to be normal very Low, understandable for winter as the atmosphere is generally colder.

Gage height also acting in a normal trend.

Conductance also continuing on a downward trend in the colder season.

The Surface water temperature was also on an understandable downward tend. Only just this past week the number has shot up for whatever reason.

This graph shows that on the 4th January the temperature was around 1°C. In 3 days the Temperature has increased to 7.5°C. One has to say that is a great jump.

In the past week also there have been several clusters of Earthquake Tremors Largest of which was a 1.3 magnitude.
Both the sudden increase in Water Temperature and the increase in Earthquakes indicate that there has been elevated activity in the past week.
This does coincide with a Worldwide increase in Earthquake activity.
As i keep saying all these sign are connected and all move together. Earthquakes, Sink holes, Volcanoes, Storms, Auroras, etc. They all increase all in uniform as the energy of the Planet Earth Increases.

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Earthquake weekly Summary 7th January 2016 Quakes elevating expect stronger quakes next week

Welcome to another weekly Earthquake report summary. 

Watch Video Report..

The number of "Red Alert" Earthquakes this week is at 14 (last 30 days number)

There has been 6 Red Alert Earthquakes in the last 7 days. 
The total amount of Earthquakes was 1549 in the last 7 days.

This Graph shows the number of Red Alert earthquakes in the last 30 days (Red)... and in the last 7 days (Blue). We can see a gentle rise in the last few weeks.

This graph shows the total amount of all earthquakes in the last 7 days. We can see this graph is very volatile. During the passing over of Gods Throne close to earth we will expect these numbers to rise sharply.

This Graph shows the number of Red Alert Earthquakes (last 30 days). Readings taken everyday. We can see from the graph that the earthquakes have been rising from lows of around 9 during Christmas New Year time. Now they have risen up to a High of 14 today. This is seen clearly by the upward angle of the Graph towards the right side. Earthquake will only be a concern of something big happening when they breach the number of 23.

This Graph shows the monthly average of Red Alert Earthquakes. all entries for that month are added together and then divided by the amount of entries for that month. Giving a month average. We can see this increase in the past few weeks, Notice also that in the past 6 months the earthquakes do not seem to be dropping right down to a minimum of 6 like the previous 6 months. They seem be holding a stronger and rising base minimum. 

We have also Mercury passing through between Earth and the Sun this will cause earthquakes to rise. This could be the cause of the sudden increase in Earthquakes this past week.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Theres little old me thought Kim had banned Earthquakes from North Korea haha just kidding..

But never in my time do i recall seeing an Eartquake in North Korea.

jesus said there will be Earthquakes in differing places..

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


It’ll come as no surprise that the Met Office announced today that December 2015 wasn’t just the wettest December on record, but also the wettest calendar month on record for the UK.
Copious amounts of rain fell during December 2015, as three named storms – Desmond, Eva and Frank – affected the UK and Ireland.
The storms not only brought heavy rain and flooding, but severe gales, which caused disruption to travel and power supplies.
Thousands of homes were flooded in Scotland, northern England and Ireland as flood defences failed to cope with the abundance of rain flowing through the river systems. - 
- See more at:

Kuwait has become the latest Muslim nation to renounce ties with Iran

Kuwait has become the latest Muslim nation to renounce ties with Iran after it recalled its ambassador to Tehran, following the Islamic Republic's rift with Saudi Arabia
The state-run Kuwait News Agency reported the news. A source at the Foreign Ministry blasted Iran for its alleged violations of the commitment to provide security to diplomatic missions – an accusation Iran has always refuted.
Kuwait’s move is the latest in a series of decisions taken by those siding with Saudi Arabia in its fall-out with Iran – a situation which began after the execution by Riyadh of a prominent Shia cleric, along with 46 other people. This was followed by condemnation by Iran, and later by angry Iranian protesters storming the Saudi Embassy in Tehran.
This led to an international outcry over Iran’s alleged unwillingness to ensure the safety of diplomatic missions on its soil.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has issued a statement on the latest developments, condemning Saudi Arabia's actions.
"Saudi Arabia cannot hide its crime of beheading a religious leader by severing political relations with Iran," Rouhani was quoted by Reuters as saying, citing IRNA, after a meeting with Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen in Tehran.
"We believe diplomacy and negotiations are the best way to solve problems between countries," Rouhani added. “Regional countries can save the region of terrorism dangers through unity.”
The move by Kuwait follows the decision by Bahrain and Sudan to sever all diplomatic ties with Iran, and the United Arab Emirates to limit the number of Iranian diplomats allowed within its borders.
Sudan has now given Iranian diplomats two weeks to leave the country, AP reports. This comes a day after Khartoum informed Riyadh of its solidarity with Saudi Arabia on the Iranian matter and announced the expulsion of Iran's ambassador.
The international community has been urging both sides to make efforts at de-escalation, among them Russia, who offered to act as a neutral mediator between the two.
The same suggestion was made by France.
The escalating spat between Iran and Saudi Arabia could derail all efforts at solving the problem of Syria, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told BILD in an interview on Tuesday. He expressed a wish that both sides would focus urgently on solving their differences and then on working together to find political solutions to crises like Syria and Yemen. The region, he said, requires Tehran and Riyadh to be “responsible players”.

Monday, 4 January 2016

VIDEO: Momotombo volcano in Nicaragua erupted with Strong explosion

A strong explosion occurred this morning at 04:22 local time at the volcano, covering much of the summit cone with incandescent ejecta. 
The lava flow effusion and continuous strombolian activity had stopped in early December, followed by only high-temperature degassing, sporadic minor explosions and the growth of what might have been a small lava dome. A more intense phase of activity seems to have started yesterday. Early on 2 January, small ash emissions occurred, followed by more, still weak explosions in the early afternoon of yesterday. The strong explosion this morning might have involved a small pyroclastic flow on the NE side of the volcano, reaching about 1.5-2 km length. Whether or not this activity is sign of a new batch of magma arriving at the vent, and leading up to more intense activity to come, or result of more superficial processes, e.g. surface pressure released beneath the recently emplaced lava occupying the summit is unclear. No damages were reported to have occurred from this morning's explosion.

VIDEO: Guatemala' s Fuego volcano erupts sending ash up to 24,000 feet high

According to Guatemala's volcanic monitor, Insivumeh, thick ash was sent up to 24,000 feet high because of the eruption.
It caused new lava flows and loud explosions, however none of the mainland has been greatly impacted.
This comes after an eruption that began last week intensified for the volcano, which lies about 30 miles southwest of Guatemala city.
The eruption has had no affect on any flights at the country's main international airport according to Reuters.


AGAIN Today we see Alarm activations on the Sea Buoys in the Northern Pacific. 

First activation started on the Buoy furthest to the North East. Alarm started Sunday Morning.

Second activation started on the Buoy furthest to the North East. Alarm started Monday Morning.

A similar incident happened on Christmas Day. 

I have electonic background and by looking at these numbers. There is no way the sea has risen or fallen by these numbers in them very short periods of time. It seems like a fault on the equipment..
BUT it is near impossible for 2 devices to become fault at the very same time. I have 10 years experience in the Security Systems Industry. There has to be a cause..

Maybe something in the air.. Interference from a higher electromagnetic in that certain area of the world? who really knows..


A strong earthquake hit India's remote northeast region before dawn Monday, killing at least eight people, injuring more than 100 and causing damage to several buildings.

SEAL THREE BIRTH PAINS: China share trading halted after 7% plunge

Trading on China's stock markets has been suspended after the market dramatically plunged and triggered a new system meant to limit volatility.
The blue-chip CSI 300 Index dropped 7% while the benchmark Shanghai Composite index fell 6.9%.
The technology-heavy Shenzhen Composite was the worst performer and fell by more than 8%.
Trading had been halted earlier in the day for 15 minutes after the stock market fell by 5%.
But shares continued to fall, leading regulators to end trading early.
Under China's new circuit-breaker mechanism, moves of 7% from the previous session's close trigger a trading suspension for the day.
The measures were introduced in early December after the stock market's turbulentsell-off over the summer. They came into effect for the first time on Monday.

One factor behind the stock market falls was a manufacturing survey that pointed to more bad news for the Chinese economy.

HUGE SINKHOLE on Victory Drive Columbus, Georgia

A sanitary sewer main collapsed causing a major sinkhole to form on Victory Drive.  Columbus Waterworks said the pipe collapse happened Saturday afternoon across from the National Guard Armory.
The Eastbound lane of Victory Drive nearby is temporarily closed.  Waterworks is coordinating repair efforts with Gordy Construction.
“Everything is roped off and barricaded off for safety so we’re being as safe as we can,” JD Haney with Gordy Construction said.
All traffic will be detoured until further notice.  Westbound traffic will be detoured to I-185 North and exit off Macon Road.  Eastbound traffic will be detoured North on Veterans Parkway eventually leading to Macon Road and I-185 South to Victory Drive. For more details on the detours, check out the document above of the Columbus Water Works explanation.