Friday, 29 January 2016


There are many wandering sheep that seem to be confused by the Flat Earth theory. This might sound daft to some people but yes there are some folk that do believe that the Earth is flat. Now i come from a fishing background so it was not long before this is proven wrong to me. My Dad testifying of steaming out to sea for miles in his trawler and the land disappearing. Not only that but this is the purpose of the them very smart Older people (lol) putting lights on top of towers rather than leaving them on the beach. They called these lighthouses. They also realised that the Earth was curved and them building up in strips would counter the earth drop in curve resulting them shining light further.

Here is the first snap shot. This is taken close to the waters tide level. We can see very clearly the first turbine the landing station (yellow) is clear as day. We can see the main platform/entrance at the very top. What looks to be the ladder that the work persons need to access to climb from the boat to the turbines.. The first turbine is 5.7 miles.

The Second Turbine is 7 miles from point of camera. We see the landing platform smaller. but please notice the height of the tip of the rotary blade to the line of horizon.

Th first turbine in the distance is the same as the last turbine on the First image and its distance from point of camera is 9.37 miles. We can see the landing platform must be at least 1/3 maybe even a quarter the height of what it was at the turbine closest to the camera (5.7 miles).

The next turbine at 10.14 miles from camera point has drop so far on the earth curve that the Landing platform is gone from image.

The turbines at 10.91 & 11.68 are of course getting less but with no features we cant compare.

Now the turbine at 12.45 miles has dropped so far down earths curve that the height of the tip of the rotary blade is nearly in-line with the first horizon level (this is better seen on the video so please watch). Compare this rotary height the height of the blade above the sea at turbine at 7 miles. what a difference. and the quality of the video and image makes it un-mistakable.

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Daniel 12:10"Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand"

God Bless you all.. Amen..