Thursday, 7 January 2016

Yellowstone Summary Report 7th Jan 2016. Rumblings & Water heating up !

Welcome to this weeks Yellowstone Summary report. In this report i look at the Earthquakes that have happened in the Yellowstone area. I also compare all readings for Discharge of water, Gage heights, Water Temperature and Conductance of the Water. I gather all information from the Data stations and take the Average number to log on a Graph system. 

The Discharge (steam) from Yellowstone seems to be normal very Low, understandable for winter as the atmosphere is generally colder.

Gage height also acting in a normal trend.

Conductance also continuing on a downward trend in the colder season.

The Surface water temperature was also on an understandable downward tend. Only just this past week the number has shot up for whatever reason.

This graph shows that on the 4th January the temperature was around 1°C. In 3 days the Temperature has increased to 7.5°C. One has to say that is a great jump.

In the past week also there have been several clusters of Earthquake Tremors Largest of which was a 1.3 magnitude.
Both the sudden increase in Water Temperature and the increase in Earthquakes indicate that there has been elevated activity in the past week.
This does coincide with a Worldwide increase in Earthquake activity.
As i keep saying all these sign are connected and all move together. Earthquakes, Sink holes, Volcanoes, Storms, Auroras, etc. They all increase all in uniform as the energy of the Planet Earth Increases.

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