Sunday, 28 February 2016

Earthquake Summary 28/2/16 - Unexplained Spike last week. Decreased this week.

Two weeks ago there was an Unexplained spike in the number of Earthquakes. When i say Unexplained i mean no Heavenly body (planet) was responsible. When planets line up with the Sun and Earth it creates a transfer of energy, like to batteries joining together creates more current or power. And that energy is what causes the Earthquakes.

From this Graph we can see in the top left "Saturn back/side" this is when big Saturn was lining up at the backside of the Sun causing energy transfer to Earth. Same thing in the middle with "Mercury" passing between Earth and the Sun and lining up straight causing a increase in Energy.

This transfer of electrical energy was recorded in Yellowstone. It caused the reading of Conductance (the waters ability to conduct electricity/energy)  to shoot up. Unfortunetely Yellowstone then changed the data to make it look like the spike happened gradually over 2 months. CLICK HERE to read more.

During this spike the Total number of Earthquakes also shot up. This is all the Earthquakes during a 7 day period. This can be seen clearly on the last two entries of the Graph. 

The Monthly Average is also holding a Strong base level. Notice the normal level of the first 9 months was a normal level of around 6. Now we see normal level holding a stronger level of 9 - 11.

This is a sign of the Earth energy increasing and this a sign that the Throne of God is closing in on Earth. In fact this is the only true gage for us to look at. 

This graph shows the projected Earthquake trend. Red - Actual Earthquake numbers. and the last entry we can see the unexpected spike.

A reminder we have the alignment of the Sun, Earth, Jupiter (king) and Solar Eclipse all at the same time. Jupiter is not a big energy source so we can not expect to see a big Earthquake spike but all the same an interesting Coincidence.

Thanks for reading and watching. 

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God Bless you all Amen..