Monday, 22 February 2016


The reading for the Conductance ( Electricity passing through the water) shot up between the dates 12/2/16 and 16/2/16.. Every week i take record of the reading from the multiple stations around Yellowstone. Measuring Discharge, Water Temperature, Gage height and Conductance.
This reading last week was a huge jump. From 438 up to 557. 
This shocked me even to see the number difference

This is what the Real data Graph looks like. Gently decreasing. Then this sudden whack of energy which pushed the numbers sky high.

Unfortunately Yellowstone have took upon themselves to modify the data for the last Two months. They have made this gentle curve and adjusted all the data to create a gently rising event as to not alarm anyone as to Why this sudden spike happened?

I do not have visual evidence of what the Graphs were before. but from now on i will be taking snap shots of the data during every weeks reading collection. When they do this again and im guessing they will as these freak event will only become more common, i will have visual evidence.

During the time of this huge spike Earthquake activity increased. These Earthquake also were close to Yellowstone. Red Alert Earthquakes and swarms of Earthquake in and around San Andreas and California area. 

Conclusion what ever happened it seemed like the West Coast just charged up the ability to conduct energy and it did. This is the reason for the many bigger and swarms that occurred in California..

At the moment the Conductance reading is still in the 500`s. I will continue taking my own reading and Graphs as usual and will also snap shot graph every week..

Thank you God  Bless Pastor Justin