Monday, 17 April 2017

EARTHQUAKES HIT RECORD LOW.. God is not passing over right now.

 Although some may say "The Earthquakes are increasing all the time" here at end of the Age we deliver the truth.
Surely yes when Gods Fiery Throne comes near to earth its fist passing / rapture the Earth will quake terribly as it is written in the scripture of the Sixth Seal and there is Great Earthquake and the Sun is Dark and the moon is seen Blood read (Revelation 6)
Heres a quick update. The earths hit a major high in January actually breaking any other previous years highs since i have been recording. The Quakes have slowly decreased and have hit an all time low. Very strange..
Over the past weeks there have been a slight uptick but no rise instantly visual on the graph.

Just a heads up. Keep the finger on the pulse.
God does come quickly and in a time of great distress, so be safe

God Bless