Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Moses Body will be Found before Jesus returns.

History Repeats in the End of the Age. Not Only Has Satan brought back to life the Body of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten in which the spiritual being Satan will dwell in in the last days. God is also going to send back One that is Like Moses and do all the Miracle that Moses did.

God made an agreement with Moses that he would do Greater miracles with him. Even after the Parting of the Red Sea and the Plagues in Egypt.. Great Miracles, and also said Moses would enter the promised land but not to enter into an agreement with them. (exodus 34:15)

It is so amazing the time we are going to b living in. I give thanks always that i can serve God in the Tribulation. the worker is worth his wages, and after its all said and done and we enter the eternal kingdom of the New Heaven and Earth and Jerusalem our rewards are great. I don`t know know why he he brought me out from my sinful blind life and brought me into the light to see the truth. But he we are and the end times will be short all the players of hear. just waiting the for the Antichrist to be Crowned and released.

God Bless you all, prayers from the UK