Saturday, 20 May 2017


Earthquakes have been increasing in the months from a record Low. This is shown in the Graph above in the Red Box.

Earthquake trends are caused by the alignment of the Planets. The Graph Above shows the projection i made in December 2015 for all of the year of 2016. The Projection (Blue) shows that today we should be at a low number, around 5. This is because no planets are in alignment with Earth and the Sun.

Th Actual Earthquakes (Red) shows a very different story. They have a much stronger increase and are now holding a strong number of 15.

This is the purpose of me creating a projection graph. It is too see when the earthquakes are not acting normal to law of the planets in which should repeat itself under normal circumstances.

In the Graph the projected next increase will be Saturn. The peak o that increase being June 15th.

The Total amount of Earthquakes of ever magnitude has also seen a spike increase in the last Two months. This confirming a definite unusual shift from the normal state.

The Graph above also confirming the data is correct. That the amount of "Red Alert" Earthquakes has strongly increased in the last few months.

The Monthly Average number has also increased for the month "May" because of this unusual increase. At the beginning of "May" the average number was 8. Now the Average number for May has risen to 12.3


When the Lamb Jesus "opens the Sixth Seal and lo there was a Great Earthquake"
This is why watching the earthquake trend go up with out a good reason, without any planets aligning. When Gods Throne Nibiru nears earth the effects will increase. 
This also is confirmed in the old scripture like Matthew 24:7 and The Book of Enoch.

The Sun is Darkened "goes down at Noon time" and Full Moon becomes like Blood during this event.

"The every mountain and island was removed from its place"

"and the kings of the earth hid themselves in the dens in the rocks of the mountains"

Gods Angels seals his 144,000 end time saints o the forehead.

A Great multitude are caught up to the Throne from Earth. They have been saved from the Great Tribulation. They celebrate.

The Seventh Seal everyone in the Heavens is silent for Half an Hour.

Here is a checklist of the seven seals. This is for you to download. When you see the first five seals open you will Know that God passing over will be next. Please download, print save or share.

Following God sealing his saints and saving a Great multitude up to Heaven from Great tribulation, The Throne then Lock off with a Second Great Earthquake.

And the Seven Trumpet judgements begin to be unleashed on the sinning world.

Here is a Summary in one image of the events of Gods Throne Nibiru First passing.

Gods Throne will not return until the Two End time Prophets like Moses and Elijah have completed their 3.5 year prophecy against the False Christ. This is the towards the last 3.5 years of humanity. The very end of the age before Jesus return to defeat the false Christ and rule the world 1000 years  

I pray that people ask God for forgiveness before this first passing during the 6-7 Seal. I hope they escape the Tribulation period rather than go through it or be consumed by the effects of the Throne passing or the Trumpet judgements.

Sure us 144,000 saints will go through the end times with total understanding and faith of what is happening. and we will have "patience and endurance" like it is written in Revelation 14:12

God Bless you all and remember watching the earthquake increase is primary to see how close Gods Throne Nibiru is. 

Please pray for forgiveness of sin and forgive others and God will forgive you.

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