Tuesday, 28 November 2017

North Korea fires ballistic missile towards Japan in latest act of aggression

North Korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile that flew higher than any of its previous efforts, shattering a respite from military tests and reminding the world of its ability to launch missiles capable of landing far from the Korean peninsula.
The Pentagon said it believed the projectile was an intercontinental ballistic missile that travelled roughly 1,000 km eastward before plunging into the Sea of Japan. Japanese broadcaster NHK reported that the missile remained airborne for 50 minutes and likely landed in the waters of the country's exclusive economic zone, citing the country's defense ministry. 
The latest act of North Korean aggression demonstrated military advances that have expanded the range of the country’s ballistic missiles and imperil more than just the country’s close neighbours. The projectile soared higher than any previous North Korean launch, Defense Secretary James Mattis said, warning that North Korea now “can threaten everywhere in the world, basically”.