Monday, 28 December 2015

EARTHQUAKE FROM GOD!! - How to know when he is Near.!

Q: How to know this Big Earthquake is because the Throne of God is nearly here?

A: Know the Earthquake level when the Throne of God should not be near (Normal)

Thank God that i kept records for nearly the past 2 years about Earthquake numbers on a regular basis. This has enabled me to worked out exactly what caused them today. It is now possible for me to match Planetary conjunctions (lining up of planets) to the period of increase Earthquake activity. It is also possible to see which planet have a larger effect on the earthquake here. Saturn gives the biggest jolt to earth as the earth passes in between the Sun and Saturn.

Using this law I have created a rough estimate of the Trend and force of the Earthquakes during the months in 2016. 

IF Gods Throne was coming through to Passover the Earth??

If this was happening then the Earthquakes would noticeably be increasing but the main point is that it would be different to the Trend line expected in my Estimation.
For Example if Gods Throne Passed over on the "Passover" April 22nd. You would expect to see the Earthquake on an "out of trend" Unusual, Unexpected upward climb. This increase would be Unexplained by the planets as it has been 100% explained by the planets in normal circumstances.

Out of ordinary Increase in Earthquakes should be a warning to the people

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