Monday, 21 March 2016

Massive Earthquake Swarm Engulfing Hawthrone area of Nevada U.S

Massive Swarm of Earthquake spreading in Nevada.
Earthquake ranging from 0.1 to 4.3 magnitude have engulfed the area.
26 Earthquakes in the only the last 24 hours mainly in the Hawthrone area of Nevada.

Huge Sinkhole Italy Swallows Car and Trees.

    Nobody was hurt in the incident, which happened in the early hours of Monday morning.

    The opening of the chasm, which was seven metres long, seven metres wide and seven metres deep, damaged underground pipes and cut off the water supply to some local residents.

    UK: Two Earthquake Tremors Two Extinct Volcanic areas.

    The First of the Earthquake Tremor hits at the Snowdonia Mountain range. I actually live on the rim of this mountain range. 
    Quake was close to the Aernig Fawr Volcanic Known area. Volcano classed as Extinct.

    The Second Earthquake Tremor in Scotland area. The Scottish mountains and also across the way in Ireland are also marked as Extinct Volcanoes.

    Here is the Extinct Volcanoes known to the "Experts"..

    Just a Heads up. Usually Earthquakes around Volcanoes signals activity. My view is we have had little activity so this is not a cause for concern right now.

    Monday, 7 March 2016

    Will the Hoover Dam Earthquake Collapse be Last minute Sign to Freemasons to hide Underground

    Is the Collapse of the Hoover Dam a sign for the Freemasons, Illuminati world leaders to move to their underground (In rock) facilities?

    Yes its very true the Goverment have tunnelled into the rocks of the mountains and created these huge cities basically for them to flee to during God exacting some judgement on the Earth. Many of these facilities are in the North America. A lot all of the facilities all join together. They are connected to airports (denver) and often are right next to rail tracks and have car parks full of buses to pick up the chosen few who will hide underground during Gods Throne passing over.

    It has been reported by many through the Images generated by specific folding of the Dollar Bill. This will show what appears to be a Dam breaking and gushing water.

    There has been what seems like perfect symbol of the Hoover Dam symbolised in the Madonna performance. As the Elite Government like to show you in the media what their plans are and/or what events will happen in the future.

    And now we have another strong message from the Satanists in their movie "San Andreas" The movie like many others show some part of what will happen during the Throne of God passing over. Here is a note, all these movies always show one or two true events, but they never give you the full story. And they definitely do not tell you the real reason. 

    At the beginning of the movie one of the first events is an increase in the Electromagnetic pulse through the earth. This is what causes earthquakes. In the movie the dam gets hits by a Earthquake which cracks the dam causing it to collapse..

    My question is.. Is all this Hoover dam symbolism an accident?? Is it just a coincidence that it is shown to break in the movie as the first event that takes place during this cataclysm. The Illuminati believe that they are above human beings in knowledge. While Humans may think these things are an accident i believe these specific events are like a guide by guide for the Illuminati member just in plain sight. 

    My Thoughts

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i truely believe this is a marker. For them it will be "when you see the dam break, pack your bags we will be picking you up shortly to go underground"

    We wont know until it happens., but let them go underground to save their mortal lives. If we repent of our sins we will pass through to eternal life and glorified body, so it does not matter what happens to our mortal body. Also during this earthquake as God Throne passes over there is an event where a Great multitude of living people are caught up to the Throne of God.. Then comes the second big earthquake when Gods finished.. rolls on to the Trumpet judgement etc.. 

    So doesnt matter what happens we win if we repent of our sins and believe that Jesus is Messiah..

    Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Please share with your friends and social media. see how other people feel about this.

    God be with you always.. Amen

    Wednesday, 2 March 2016

    Four weather warnings in place as Storm Jake brings hurricane force gusts and snow strike the country

    Temperatures are set to plunge with snow showers expected as Storm Jake sweeps in across Ireland.
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    A Status Orange weather warning has been put in place for coastal fringes for the north, west and south of the country, while the whole country has been given a Status Yellow wind warning.
    Overnight there were gusts of up to 130kmp in some coastal areas of the northern, south and west of the country.
    Winds of 72 knots (up to 130km/h) were reported overnight at Mace Head.
    There is even a warning that hurricane force gusts could batter some parts of the country, Siobhan Ryan of Met Eireann said.
    Storm Jake is the tenth winter storm so far this season.
    As well as high winds temperatures are expected to plunge over the cross of the day, with Met Eireann forecasting temperatures of -1 overnight. Met Eireann has issued a snow and ice warning for Connacht, Leinster, Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal.
    Motorists have been urged to take care on the roads with the high winds and ice warnings.
    Already snow has been reported in county Donegal and Monaghan.
    Snow showers overnight are expected to lead to up to 3cms in parts of Connacht, Ulster and Leinster
    Larger amounts of snow are expected to settle on higher ground overnight
    Met Eireann has warned that winds will continue this morning, with storm force winds in coastal areas of the west and southwest.
    Heavy showers will move in with the winds with longer spells of rain and wet snow in places. Some areas will be exposed to the risk of thunder.
    The afternoon will see strong blusterly showers of rain and hail.
    Winds will ease this evening, but with clearing skies, temperatures will drop dramatically, with lows of -3 degrees.

    Indonesian MEGA Quake Sends SHOCK WAVE Through Ocean. Buoys in Alarm Mode

    A 7.9 Mega Earthquake jst struck off Indonesian Coast. The Earthquake happened South West of Sumatra. A Tsunami warning was justly raised. 

    This Quake instantly send an Energy pulse across the Ocean. The image shows Three Buoys all triggered into an Alarm state.


    Storm Jake has blown into Britain tonight after forecasters warned of ice and 70mph winds along with up to four inches of snow.
    The storm hit parts of Ireland this evening and blustery and cold weather will spread across the South West of England and Wales today.
    Showers turned wintry overnight, with the risk of a more prolonged spell of snowfall lasting until early tomorrow morning, especially in the South.
    This will bring snow with one to two inches possible in many places, and locally up to four inches - mainly on ground above about 300ft.
    A temperature drop is also expected in northern cities tomorrow where a fall of about 6C (43F) will follow balmier readings of 11C (34F) today.