Monday, 7 March 2016

Will the Hoover Dam Earthquake Collapse be Last minute Sign to Freemasons to hide Underground

Is the Collapse of the Hoover Dam a sign for the Freemasons, Illuminati world leaders to move to their underground (In rock) facilities?

Yes its very true the Goverment have tunnelled into the rocks of the mountains and created these huge cities basically for them to flee to during God exacting some judgement on the Earth. Many of these facilities are in the North America. A lot all of the facilities all join together. They are connected to airports (denver) and often are right next to rail tracks and have car parks full of buses to pick up the chosen few who will hide underground during Gods Throne passing over.

It has been reported by many through the Images generated by specific folding of the Dollar Bill. This will show what appears to be a Dam breaking and gushing water.

There has been what seems like perfect symbol of the Hoover Dam symbolised in the Madonna performance. As the Elite Government like to show you in the media what their plans are and/or what events will happen in the future.

And now we have another strong message from the Satanists in their movie "San Andreas" The movie like many others show some part of what will happen during the Throne of God passing over. Here is a note, all these movies always show one or two true events, but they never give you the full story. And they definitely do not tell you the real reason. 

At the beginning of the movie one of the first events is an increase in the Electromagnetic pulse through the earth. This is what causes earthquakes. In the movie the dam gets hits by a Earthquake which cracks the dam causing it to collapse..

My question is.. Is all this Hoover dam symbolism an accident?? Is it just a coincidence that it is shown to break in the movie as the first event that takes place during this cataclysm. The Illuminati believe that they are above human beings in knowledge. While Humans may think these things are an accident i believe these specific events are like a guide by guide for the Illuminati member just in plain sight. 

My Thoughts

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i truely believe this is a marker. For them it will be "when you see the dam break, pack your bags we will be picking you up shortly to go underground"

We wont know until it happens., but let them go underground to save their mortal lives. If we repent of our sins we will pass through to eternal life and glorified body, so it does not matter what happens to our mortal body. Also during this earthquake as God Throne passes over there is an event where a Great multitude of living people are caught up to the Throne of God.. Then comes the second big earthquake when Gods finished.. rolls on to the Trumpet judgement etc.. 

So doesnt matter what happens we win if we repent of our sins and believe that Jesus is Messiah..

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God be with you always.. Amen