Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Earthquake weekly Summary 20/4/16 Two Weeks unexplained rise. Next week Mercury watch

From this Graph we can see the last 2 weeks have seen a Great Increase in the amount of more dangerous Earthquakes. Starting at the beginning of April they have ramped up.

This is the Projection Graph, mapping out when Earthquakes will be greater through 2016 by taking each time a Planet lines up with Earth and the Sun. 
Blue = Projected number.... Red = Actual number.
If we look at the last 2 entries in Red. The actual number of Earthquake is much greater than what is expected.

In few weeks though on the Blue line you can see that i expect there will be a medium Increase. This is caused by Mercury planet passing between Earth and the Sun. This is marked by the label Mercury on the Graph.

Mercury will pass direct in between Earth and the Sun around May 9th. around this point will be an increased energy transfer to Earth. This should result in even more more Earthquakes

This Graph shows the Monthly Average for the last 22 months. Makes it easy to see a long time trend. One of the weakest months for Earthquakes in the last 12 months was March 2016. But the Earthquakes have really shot back up this month April. 

This Graph shows Total amount of Earthquakes per week. This is any Earthquake of any Magnitude.

This Graph shows "Red Alert" (dangerous to Humans or Structures)
Red = In the Last 30 day period (most accurate Gage)
Blue  = In the Last 7 Day period. Good for short analysis.

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