Monday, 20 March 2017

Alaska`s Bogoslof volcano intensifying explosive eruptions since Christmas

AN ACTIVE island volcano situated in the Pacific Ocean under one of the world’s busiest flight paths has barely stopped erupting since Christmas and is nearing its 40th explosion in months.

Bogoslof volcano, nestled in the Aleutian Islands about 98km northwest of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, US, has been in the midst of an “active eruption sequence” since mid-December 2016.
It has erupted more than 37 times since then and sent up another ash cloud as recently as Monday. The Alaska Volcano Observatory said the latest eruption lasted 12 minutes.
The observatory said the magnitude of the eruption was being monitored.
Monday’s eruption of the volcano did not immediately prompt an aviation warning for pilots although another explosion the previous week saw authorities issue a warning about ash at elevations that could affect flights.
The recent Bogoslof volcano eruptions have each lasted on average about 30 to 60 minutes with volcanic ash spewed to altitudes exceeding 30,000 feet.