Sunday, 30 April 2017

DREAM: 13th Aug 2016. Cradling Baby, "Keep my Commandments" Sabbath Day

I had a dream which confirmed to me that God wants us to Observe the Sabbath Day.. It began when i forsaken the Sabbath rest day and agreed to work on the Saturday. 
The hedge of protection was removed from around me and evil was aloud to come against me at the end of the week to the point i was nearly physically attacked. 
I had a dream on same weekend on Saturday night. The dream i was cradling a Baby and then i saw a ticker flashing with the commandments. I then heard a voice saying "keep my commandments". After waking up i was upset that i thought i kept the commandments. Then i came to realisation that i had forsaken the Sabbath rest day when i agreed to work on Saturday.
I then interpreted the dream that if i stick to the commandments especially the Sabbath Day he will also bless mei would be blessed.
The Baby? It is a want of mine to have a child. But at the moment i am not married. The end times is short time. I don``t know if this is literal or symbolic.
Only time will tell..
Thanks for watching and listening
"Be strong and of courage everyone"
God Bless you all amen
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