Thursday, 23 February 2017

NASA News Illustration IDENTICAL to FALSE CHRIST COMING in "I Pet Goat 2" Movie

You will have almost definitely seen the News yesterday NASA now speaking of a distant Sun with 7 planets orbiting it. First of all this comes as no surprise to me in these last years before Jesus returns Gods Throne aka Nibiru swings by earth Twice as written in Revelation. What NASA are describing is the exact physical representation of the Structure of the Throne of God.

The Throne as a flame of Fire. The Seven entities surrounding the Throne are the 7 Archangels in which the Seven Trumpets and Bowl judgements are given to unleash in the Tribulation period. 

However this Image caught my eye for a fraction of a second when watching the evening News. I research the News article on line and Sure enough there it is. The almost identical image i had seen previously.

There is a very complex, highly symbolic, highly biblical video which gives away secrets of to what has been already and the truth of what is going on in this world we live in. The Animated movie is called "I pet Goat 2".. 

The main point for this movie is the coming of the counterfeit Christ who will come onto the world scene just before Jesus Christ returns to the earth. In fact Jesus return will come down at the battle at Armageddon in which he will defeat the impostor and set up his Kingdom for 1000 years. 

Can you see the similarities which i noticed instantly. This very abnormal and some what un-inhabitable area shown in thee scene almost like the sea level had risen. The same lumps of rocks and land sticking up out of the water. The Sun like Object they were referring to as the centre of the 7 Planets. Its almost Identical..

This is the last scene in the Movie as the False Christ seems to come out on a boat leaving the destruction of the Christian church behind him it seems.

So is this signifying The Rise of the Antichrist??
Is this a warning of the passing over of Gods Fiery Throne Nibiru??

I say it is both..
The False Christ is CROWNED and release when the Messiah Jesus opens the First of the Seven Seals in the Heavenly Throne.
Then comes War outbreak, ,Market collapse, bombing of the Dome of the Rock, take down of North America, many people dying and crying out to God to fight back, then...

The Sixth Seal is when the Throne passes over earth with great destruction but Great salvation in his hands..

Please watch the movie "i pet Goat 2" movie here is a link:

Time is short and we are the ones who will be living through the time of Tribulation and the Second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. If we pray and ask God for forgiveness of our sins it will be done. We must also forgive everyone who has sinned against us. As God is slow to anger and quick to mercy so to we must give others the same mercy we receive from the father who will forgive us and allow us into his eternal Kingdom of Heaven and not suffer the Lake of fire for eternity. 

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God Bless you all